Why do teachers need to integrate technology into their classrooms?

Think of it this way: in the beginning, mankind had only oral language to convey messages.  After awhile they began drawing pictures, and following that we developed a written language.  As each new component was added the old one didn’t disappear, but was enhanced.  Now, we could not only hear your story but we could also draw a picture to represent it and use written language to record it.  We use each one when appropriate and intertwined with one another, seamlessly.

Technology is just the next step in that list.  Like the others, it has been seamlessly integrated into society.  Is it not used isolated of speaking, drawing, or writing, but rather intertwined in them and enhancing them.  It should be the same in our classrooms.  We would never dream of taking out writing in our classroom in an area that was writing appropriate, so we should not take technology out (or fail to put it in) where it’s use is appropriate.

The NEA highlights four C’s for preparing students for a 21st global society.  They are critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation.  Technology can cover all of those skills.  Click the image below to go to the NEA’s guide on the “Four Cs.”

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