Another NEA ‘C’ is Communication.  Regularly, we think of talking and writing as a form of communication.  Where does technology come to play here?

Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email, etc… people communicate more via technology than ever before!  Some would argue these are the main forms of communication for some people!  Students need to be able to communicate in these ways in order to be competent in 21st Century Skills and the world they will be entering.

How do you use these concepts?

Facebook: Create a class website, invite parents to friend you, have students write the posts and keep parents informed.  This website offers great tips on how to start a class Facebook page and keep it secure.  Using Facebook

Twitter: Create a class Twitter, have students post on their learning and share photos.  Connect with authors and high profile people to build authenticity in your work.  Check out this website: 50 Ways to use Twitter in your Classroom.

Blogs: Here is a fantastic PDF put together by the University of Michigan on using blogs in the classroom.  Using Blogs in the Classroom