I would argue yes.  So would Vicki Davis, writer for Edutopia.  Take her “quiz” and see what her thoughts are on the matter: A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom.

Vicki gives reasons why we need to be teaching social communication to students.  I would build on her views of teaching proper etiquette to also needing to teach to the world our students live in.  When I was in school, we learned to write.  So we wrote letters to one another and passed notes.  Were we breaking a classroom rule?  Yes.  But were we at least building on the concepts being taught to us about writing?  Of course!  If we don’t teach students how to write in a media they will utilize frequently on their own, will they independently practice the skills being taught to them on a frequent basis?

In the article Vicki gives several ideas for bringing in social media into the classroom which offer a vessel to teach social media etiquette and responsibilities.

Take a look and check it out!  Happy communicating!