QR Codes


QR codes are one of  my biggest resources for primary students using iPads.  Whenever I want them to go to a specific site I create a QR code and have them scan it.  The great thing about the app I use, QR Reader, and likely more, is that it limits the students to only accessing the site of my choosing.  When I send them to a YouTube page it does not give them the option to continue to click on other videos.


In order to create these QR codes I go to goqr.me.  It allows me to enter a URL and generate a code immediately.  I then copy and paste it into Word and print it off.  Students can then either scan it when we are ready to go to the website as a class or independently for use during seat work.

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Here is a great website from Edutopia explaining different, effective uses for QR codes and differentiating lessons with them. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.10.43 PM.png






TPACK is a model that gets to the heart of teaching with technology.  It stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge.  This framework attempts to showcase the knowledge needed to use by teachers when integrating technology into what they already know about teaching and fusing them all together to create an effective lesson.


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Here is a great website to visit to learn more about TPACK: TPACK Explained.

Here is a great video to help you in your understanding of TPACK: TPACK in 3 Minutes.